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Shane Cope,DDS,MSD

Periodontist, Oral Medicine Specialist, Orofacial Pain Expert

Welcome to, a dedicated space for understanding and managing Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS). While it's unfortunate that you're experiencing this challenging condition, I'm grateful that you've found this platform — a hub of knowledge, support, and innovative treatment strategies for BMS.

Over my years in clinical practice, I've encountered countless individuals struggling with the mysterious and often overlooked complexities of BMS. It's a condition that can significantly impact one's quality of life, yet it frequently goes under-recognized and undertreated in the medical and dental communities. This gap in effective treatment and understanding sparked my determination to delve deeper into BMS, not just to understand its nuances but to develop effective strategies to combat it.

This website embodies that commitment. It's more than just an information portal; it's a resource designed to empower you with comprehensive insights into BMS. Here, you'll find the latest research, treatment innovations, and practical advice to navigate your BMS journey. My goal is to offer not just hope, but real solutions and support to those affected by this condition.

Whether you're newly diagnosed or have been grappling with BMS for some time, this site aims to be your trusted ally. From understanding the symptoms and triggers to exploring cutting-edge treatments and lifestyle modifications, we cover all facets of BMS management. 

Remember, you're not alone in this fight. Together, we can work towards alleviating the pain and discomfort of BMS, paving the way for a more comfortable and fulfilling life. Your journey to a better understanding and management of BMS starts here.

Meet Shane Cope, DDS, MSD

Introducing Dr. Shane Cope – a pioneer in oral health with an impressive career spanning over 15 years. Renowned for his specialization in oral medicine, orofacial pain, and periodontics, Dr. Cope's expertise goes beyond the technical aspects of dentistry and delves deeply into understanding patient needs. His journey began by identifying a significant gap: the lack of effective treatments for conditions like dry mouth and Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS).

With this realization, combined with his extensive clinical experience and insights from thousands of patient interactions, Dr. Cope founded Essential Sprays. More than just a business venture, it's his mission to provide all-natural, potent solutions to common oral health challenges. Central to this is the Essential Sprays 100% Fast Acting Dry Mouth Spray – a product that took 7 years of careful development. Designed to taste great while being free from sugar, chemicals, and side effects, it addresses the needs of the 22% of Americans grappling with dry mouth.


Under Dr. Cope's guidance, Essential Sprays has become a go-to for those in search of genuine oral health solutions. His approach, deeply rooted in compassion and expertise, has brought relief to countless individuals. Outside of his professional realm, Dr. Cope is a passionate traveler and dedicated family man. He cherishes moments with his wife, Carlie, and their five children, exploring the world and experiencing diverse cultures. This love for adventure reflects his belief in ongoing learning and growth.


Join us as we journey with Essential Sprays, where Dr. Shane Cope's vision is to make a difference in oral health, one smile at a time.

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